2010. október 17., vasárnap

The Divine Conspiracy

Hey, people! ^.^
I definitely should be copiing the History notes in French, but now I feel like writing in English. Who understands? :D (Mal de Twitter, haha.) So forgive me, this entry will be in English. =P
Well it's 23:35 at night and I've just finished taking care of my online baby for today. We were dancing too, to Lady Marmalade and I wanna prepare that glamourous makeup which Xtina wears in the clip. 0.0
I still prefer my beautiful mother language and I won't be usually posting in English, but now it's essential, hope you understand. :) I must make that other blog about music and fashion and the inspiration I get for designing my universe, but till it gets prepared I have to make a fool of myfelf here. :D
So, well, my topic for today, how surprising: Him. More precisely his divine hands. I just got a photo of them in MMS, but I won't share it with you, I mustn't. But of course I'm allowed to write anthems about him, haha, my handsome artist. Love him as well.
So that's all about him for now. And then, devoted to the title here is a photo of that foolish girl who writes all these illogic words.

Finally, this is me on the International Suit Up Day. Haha, it's not my bed, I wouldn't like such an optimist style for my pillows. :D
I'm surely going to win our revolution of bored lovers. =3
Good night, everyone! ^.^
(I wish elegance for all of us. =3)

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